Recreational Riding

Q – How many recreational riding events did the AMA sanction in 2016?

A – In 2016, AMA sanctioned 779 non-competition riding events, including nine national road riding events, 532 street events and 111 dual-sport and adventure rides, attended by tens of thousands of AMA members and other riders.

Q – What does the AMA offer for dual sport and adventure riders?

A – AMA dual sport and adventure riding events are two of the fastest growing on- and off-highway activities in America:

Q – What are the various street-riding tours and rallies sanctioned by the AMA?

A – The AMA partners with the nation’s top promoters to offer incredible riding events across the country:

Q – How do I connect with the AMA at riding rallies?

A – The AMA National Gypsy Tour Series is our presence at America’s biggest motorcycling events, like Laconia, Americade, Daytona Bike Week and more. The AMA wants to see you there!

Q – What scenic roads and highways can the AMA recommend for its members?

A – The AMA Great Roads Database includes awesome routes submitted by members, for members.