Member Services

Q – How does the AMA stay in touch with its members?

A – Let’s start with American Motorcyclist magazine, the official journal of the AMA...

A – The AMA also publishes numerous electronic newsletters to help riders stay abreast of all things motorcycling:

  • AMA Extra provides a bi-weekly summary of AMA news.
  • Hall of Fame Insider focuses monthly on the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.
  • AMA News & Notes keeps motorcyclists up-to-date on hot topics and news affecting the motorcycling community.
  • AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days E-News includes updates on AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, the popular fund-raising event for the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.


Q – How is AMA using social media to get information out to members?

A - AMA social media tools...


Q – Does the AMA provide an image gallery for its members?

A – The AMA and its members share thousands of riding and AMA event photos on the AMA-hosted online gallery at The AMA supports its members who compete with copyright-free photography from AMA Grand Championship events, which include amateur national meets in motocross, dirt track, hillclimb, road racing and vintage competition.


Q – What is the AMA doing to encourage and support women riders?

A – The AMA has a long history of welcoming women to motorcycling. The latest initiatives include:

  • The AMA Get Women Riding campaign features articles, videos and events designed to get more women riding motorcycles.
  • Videos are hosted on the AMA’s YouTube channel at
  • AMA members can select from 17 different AMA membership cards, including our Woman Rider card, designed to speak to your riding passion.

Q – I’ve heard about an annual awards program – separate from AMA Racing Awards or induction into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame – that recognizes AMA member accomplishments. What is it?

A – The annual AMA Board of Directors Awards Program recognizes excellence among AMA members who best serve the AMA mission to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling.


Q – When the weather warms, I am looking for the latest news about where to ride and what to do. What does the AMA offer?

A – Every April, the AMA highlights cool stuff to do on two wheels as part of AMA Go Ride! Month. The annual promotion celebrates motorcycling as the best way to go to work, go out on the town, go see the country or just go have fun.


Q – What AMA events can I attend to support the AMA mission and its members?

A – The AMA hosts and helps manage several significant events and series each year:

  • The top three finishers in AMA national championship motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle competition – ranging from desert racing to motocross to trials and everything in between – are honored each year at the AMA Championship Banquet.
  • Each year, the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony welcomes new members, joining the ranks of motorcycling’s greatest advocates and champions.
  • Every July, tens of thousands attend AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days in Lexington, Ohio. The event includes vintage racing, the country’s largest motorcycle swap meet, seminars, stars from the sport’s past and present, bike shows, demo rides and more. Proceeds from AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days support the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.
  • National recreational riding events include those on the AMA National Gypsy Tour Series for road riders, the AMA National Adventure Riding Series for adventure riders and the AMA National Dual Sport Series for dual-sport riders.
  • Of course, there also are the thousands of competition and recreational events produced by AMA promoting partners.


Q – Does the AMA recognize those of us who just like to ride on our own outside of organized events?

A – Absolutely! The AMA LongRider Program includes recognition for mileage achievements both annually and over the lifetime of the participating AMA member. The most enduring riders may even be featured on AMA social media channels, on the AMA website or in the pages of American Motorcyclist magazine.


Q – What is the AMA doing to promote rider training so more riders can enjoy our sport?

A – The AMA Rider Education Support Program rewards organizations that teach safe and responsible riding to new and experienced riders alike.


Q – My local club and motorcycle dealer are looking for ways to promote more riding in our community. Can the AMA help?

A – The AMA Affiliate Program:

  • Rewards members of the motorcycling community – from event organizers to dealers to websites to rider education groups and more – for selling AMA memberships.
  • In exchange, the AMA strengthens its membership-based grassroots effort to promote and protect motorcycling.


Q – What is the AMA doing for members with common interests in certain brands or types of riding?

A – The AMA Affinity Card Program provides:

  • Membership card designs to tens of thousands of AMA members who ride Honda, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha and Victory motorcycles.
  • Special card designs are also available for ATV riders, competition riders, military riders, women riders and scooter riders.
  • Through its OEM and aftermarket partners, the AMA offers benefits targeting these groups of riders.


Q – I’ve heard that Riders of Kawasaki has partnered with the AMA. What are the details?

A – ROK, Powered by the AMA, is a new partnership between the AMA and Riders of Kawasaki offering access to exclusive discounts and savings. To learn more, call 877-ROK-CLUB (765-2582) or visit


Q – Who are the AMA’s benefit partners and what do they provide?

A – The AMA has dozens of partners offering money-saving benefits and product discounts. For a complete listing, see


Q – I want to support businesses that support the AMA. How can I do that?

A – AMA Business Members are companies that support the AMA mission and maintain a long-term interest in the motorcycling community.


Q – How can AMA members learn more about the association and become better advocates, grassroots activists and membership promoters?

A – The AMA EAGLES is an educational program open to all members to provide the knowledge, tools and resources tailored to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling. Learn more at